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The following publications are available from New Zealand botanical publisher Manuka Press. All books are in stock and can be ordered directly from Manuka Press – select the title you are interested in below for more information and ordering instructions.

Seeds of New Zealand monocotyledons
Colin J. Webb
The second volume of the "Seed Atlas". Provides more than 700 illustrations, representing all the seed types in the monocotyledon plant group, as well as descriptions and keys to aid identification. Published in November 2019.

Seeds of New Zealand gymnosperms & dicotyledons
Colin J. Webb & Margaret J. A. Simpson
The first volume of the "Seed Atlas". This guide includes more than 1750 illustrations, representing all the seed types in the gymnosperm & dicotyledon plant groups, as well as descriptions and keys to aid identification.

Plant Life on Banks Pensinsula
by Hugh Wilson
This book details the extraordinary past and present of Banks Peninsula plant life, using vivid drawings and photographs.

A Botanist's Notebook
by Eric Godley
A collection of 70 Botanical Essays by one of New Zealand's leading botanists.

Wild Plants of Mount Cook National Park
by Hugh Wilson
Field guide to plants in the Mount Cook National Park area of New Zealand.

Small-leaved Shrubs of New Zealand
by Hugh Wilson and Tim Galloway
Illustrated field guide to small-leaved shrubs in New Zealand.

Field Guide: Stewart Island Plants
by Hugh Wilson
Illustrated field guide to the plants of Stewart Island, New Zealand.

Wildflower City – Wellington New Zealand
Photographs by Alan Knowles; Text by Colin Webb
A photographic essay of the wildflowers that bloom on the hillsides and roadsides of the Wellington region, accompanied by an authoritative text.

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